established in the glorious 2000s

The First Coffee Bar in Eagle Rock

When the creator of Swork relocated to Eagle Rock in May of 1999, she wanted a great cup of coffee. But after searching the surrounding area and discovering that her only option was the local donut shop...well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. An entrepreneur, foodie, and coffee aficionado, her quest for a local coffee bar consumed her. She eventually became so frustrated having to drive to Los Feliz for her fix that she vowed when the opportunity presented itself, she would launch her own coffee bar.

Two months later, her vision collided with reality at the corner of Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevards. With a signed lease in her hand and a business plan brewing, she traveled to Guatemala with her friends at Intelligentsia Coffee. There, she took a crash course in everything from growing, picking, and washing coffee beans, to roasting, smelling, and cupping them (as well as whispering sweet-nothings to them along the way – it helps bring out the flavor).

The work of renovating her dream space was grueling, sweaty, painstakingly slow, but all underscored by the promise of great coffee to a great neighborhood. And with the help of Doug Zell, owner of Intelligentsia Coffee – who flew in from Chicago to train the entire staff on coffee – Swork's grand opening was a gargantuan success. While Patricia prides herself on her love of coffee and community, she admits she does not own any goats.

Leading the Way

Success didn't stop there. Little did Patricia know that reviving a neglected corner space would soon create a bustling community spot for coffee enthusiasts and local entrepreneurs also dreaming to make their mark. From Starbucks to 5-Line Tavern, Swork paved their way in Eagle Rock.

Points of Pride

While Patricia's initial goal was to bring good coffee to Eagle Rock, Swork's amenities bring her an equal amount of pride and joy: Swork boasts the first kid-oriented playspace at a Los Angeles coffee bar, and is also proud to be the first coffee bar in the city to provide a dedicated computer-driven workspace (no, we don't seal up our power outlets). Swork's parent/child lounge area and encouragement to local professionals to bring their laptops into the space forms a large part of the unique coffee shop culture that Swork has cultivated over the years.

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