Wellness ON TAP

Swork’s wellness menu is about to get a MAJOR update: coming soon, Bambucha’s organic raw vegan Kombucha is coming to Swork on tap!


As wellness fads come and go in LA, it’s getting hard to deny both the prevalence and staying power of Kombucha, the bubbly probiotic beverage with remarkably little sugar for its sweet, tangy taste. Known as little as a few years ago (somewhat infamously, perhaps) as the iconic favorite of biker vegans, microbrewers and health nuts alike, kombucha’s meteroic rise in the time since can only be attributed to its now undeniable nutritional and digestive benefits, all with refreshing flavor and variety in tow.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that Swork selects brand partners very carefully, which is why for years we’ve held off on offering a kombucha tap amongst our lineup of caffeine-free health alternatives. Bambucha, suffice to say, has changed our mind. Chef-crafted nearby in San Diego, Bambucha owes its robust flavor to its raw vegan ingredients, all certified organic and environmentally sustainable by Oregon Tilth, an advocacy group at the forefront of responsible farming for 40 years running.

If you’re new to the craze, there will be no better way to cool off this summer than with a cold afternoon pint of this fresh new Swork delight. And for those already in the game— well, you’ll probably also think it’s quite refreshing. LA summers, man...

Forrest Riege