This week we feature a longstanding, not-so-secret cornerstone of the our Eagle Rock parenting community: Swork’s Kid’s Area!


The Spring air has brought a lively bustle to our little coffee corner! With Occidental students back from break, the (hopefully) concluded rainy season bringing Eagle Rock’s working professionals back out of the woodwork, and, of course, our faithful regulars warming our seats (and our hearts), it’s a joy seeing our vast, intersectional community come out again to socialize, work, and enjoy our coffees and sweet treats.

But having been on this humble corner for almost 20 years now, we would be remiss not to mention a very important part of our community, one that has served as the heartbeat of this shop perhaps longer than any other: our Eagle Rock parents!

Even if you’ve been to Swork before, you may not have noticed our Kid’s Area tucked in the quiet back corner of the shop, reserved from 6am - 12pm exclusively for parents and their little tag-alongs. Our comfortable (and spill-friendly) couches line the walls by our largest westward window, illuminating our Play Nook stocked with books, toys and other kid-size delights. Our Kid’s Area also features a large, low table with children’s seating— feel free to ask any barista to help get that croissant or bagel cut into bite-size pieces. And after our remodel, we’ve found that the unique geometry of the space works quiet well to keep kids corralled (though do please keep at least one eye on your more adventurous explorer-types).

Eagle Rock has long been a safe, comfortable community for moms and dads looking to nurture young minds, even in a city as big and bustling as Los Angeles. As parents ourselves, Swork has long been proud to provide a home for our hardworking parents, or at the very least to help them wake up in the morning.

Forrest Riege