If you’ve ever tried this green powdered tea in your latte just for its beautiful color, we wouldn’t exactly blame you. Luckily for Sworkers, our longtime partner Matchaful matches the rich hues of its organic ceremonial matcha with incredible flavor and health benefits! 


With matcha powders quickly becoming a mainstay of many third- and second-wave coffee establishments around LA, it’s easy to take for granted the miraculous power of the matcha plant. Matchaful’s founder Hannah Habes stumbled into the matcha industry at a time when, as her story goes, she was in desperate need of a healthy transformation. Having spent years in the all-too-common modern lifestyle of over-work and under-nourish, she was shocked and inspired to learn about this little-known Japanese tea leaf that had so much to offer her way of life. 

Unlike most traditional teas where the leaves are steeped once and thrown away, matcha is one of the few tea drinks where the entire leaf is consumed. This practice is the source of both its full-bodied flavor and exquisite antioxidant profile, not to mention the secret to what makes Matchaful’s imported Japanese leaves so great. In many shops serving lower-quality matchas, it has become common practice to offset bitterness (associated with poor growing conditions, compromised freshness and improper preparation) with sweeteners, flavorings and other additives that only work to undo the natural healing qualities of the matcha leaf. 

Not so with Matchaful. Thanks to Hannah and her team’s diligent respect for this truly wonderful plant, every delicious cup of green bliss served up at Swork Coffee is sweetener-free, offering our community this grounding ceremonial tea exactly the way it is meant to be appreciated. We couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Forrest Riege