A Change of the Seasons

The sudden change in LA weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Swork’s new coffee lineup is here, and bold like the autumn wind!

We are proud to announce a unified partnership with our cousins from out east, La Colombe Coffee Roasters. A beloved Philadelphia treasure, La Colombe’s rich Nizza roast brings a smokey savor to our espresso, giving our Salted Caramel and Swiss Latin Lattes an extra fall flair. Poured en doppio, the new beans are already a staff favorite.

Our lineup also features two new delicious choices for our daily house brew: La Colombe’s Monico, a dark roast of thorough balance and complexity, as well as the Bourbon, which (to our tastes) is Philadelphia’s response to the lighter Stumptown roasts we’ve served in years prior. Both are brewed fresh and hot throughout the day, our mugs often serving as makeshift hand-warmers while we find the time to go through our closets and match our winter mittens again.

We’ve been happy to watch our Swork summer come and go—but this cooler season calls for warm friendships and enticing opportunities. Here’s a toast to crisp winds, new directions, and bright futures!

Forrest RiegeSwork Coffee