Take Flight Has Landed!


Have you heard? There’s a new espresso flowing on Swork’s espresso machine! We now proudly feature Take Flight coffee beans for our espresso beverages. We’re thrilled to be serving this small, local roaster at Swork. Like us, Take Flight pushes quality and the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by the husband and wife duo of Deaton and Chelsea Pigot, Take Flight cultivates relationships with their coffee growers at the farm-level. Their coffees are consistently clean and balanced, especially the Nest blend that we now feature for our espresso. Their tasting notes are a tongue-in-cheek “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee,” and we find it to be a sweet, smooth, and consistently awesome espresso. Drop in and try this awesome espresso for yourself at Swork!

Also: You can take home Take Flight blends and single origin coffees in sharp, award-winning 12oz packages, now for retail sale at Swork.

Find out more about Take Flight and follow their journey on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/takeflightcoffee) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/takeflightcafe). 

Patricia Vuagniaux