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Coffee, Espresso, and Tea



Freshly ground and brewed all day long.


Hand extracted and made to order.


Choose from our selection of fine teas.




Espresso, steamed milk and foam.


Espresso, half steamed milk and half foam.

English Tea Latté

The finest breakfast tea, steeped and served with steamed milk.


Delux Lattés


Vanilla Latté

Gourmet vanilla, espresso, steamed milk and foam.

Mocha Latté

Gourmet chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and foam with whip cream and shaved chocolate.

Chai Latté

Gourmet chai, steamed milk, foam and nutmeg.

Latin Latté

Espresso, steamed regular and condensed milk, foam and nutmeg.

Caramel Vanilla

Gourmet vanilla and caramel, espresso, steamed milk and foam with whip cream and caramel swirl.

Caramel Mocha

Gourmet chocolate and caramel, espresso, steamed milk and foam with whip cream, caramel swirl and chocolate shavings.

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Hot water and fresh espresso.

Café au Lait

Half coffee, half steamed milk and foam.


Espresso with a dollop of foam.




Yes, we got milk.

Chocolate Milk

Fresh milk and gourmet milk chocolate flavoring.

Vanilla Milk

Fresh milk and gourmet vanilla flavoring.

Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk, milk chocolate, and whip cream.

Hot Spiced Cocoa

Mexican cocoa, steamed milk and whip cream.

Tropical Iced Tea


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