What is Swork?

Coffee. People. Love. It’s the world’s first interactive coffee bar and so much more. Swork is a late night hangout with a wireless vibe, a morning touchstone for collective creativity and a bastion of sanity in a mother’s otherwise hectic day.

When Swork’s creator, Tricia Neal, set out to establish her own coffee bar, she started from the ground up. Taking trips to Guatemala to meet with growers and sample the very best beans was just the beginning. Everything that goes in to your cup of coffee, your ice-blended Sworkuccino and your smoothie was hand picked, carefully considered and tested in our drink lab, because only the best will do for our customers.

Swork is also community. In 2000, it occurred to Tricia that there was no place for Eagle Rock’s community to meet, exchange ideas and bring the family. In true entrepreneurial fashion, she filled that void with Swork. Now, as Swork grows, we have more opportunities to get involved with the surrounding communities. Swork was and is an integral part of the revitalization of Eagle Rock, and gets involved with all of the communities surrounding our locations.

We’re proud of our bright, friendly environment, cheerful kid’s area, and excellent customer service. We like to think of Swork as the perfect synergy of success and work. Getting it right is just the beginning.


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